The Bed Setting An Chuang (安床) Package includes the following items:

  • 2 bags of five colour beans in circular containers
  • 1 descendants' ruler
  • 1 mini money bucket pail set
  • 1 premium silk red packet (6 designs)
  • 10 mini shuang xi (囍) papercuts
  • four small paper red packets with unity coins which are to be placed in the pillows / four corners of the matrimonial bed

Bed Setting (安床) Package

  • Do note that these items are included in our betrothal and dowry packages. Therefore if you have purchased the aforementionde packages with us, you do not need to purchase this set again.

  • The set does not include the trays, containers and food items (e.g. oranges, red dates, longans, etc) apart from those listed in the description. All items not listed in our description but in our pictures are purely for illustrative purposes only.

    Please purchase your food items separately from convenience stores and supermarkets across Singapore.