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What services do we provide?

How do you contact us?

We provide the following services and products:

  1. Traditional Chinese gown/suit rentals and purchases for brides and grooms

  2. Wedding accessories rentals including, amongst others, shoes, jewelry and veils.

  3. The sale of essential items for Guo Da Li and tea ceremonies as well as wedding decorations.

  4. Singapore photography and tour services.

  5. Overseas photography and tour services.

You can contact us via the following methods:

  1. Email:

  2. Telephone: +65 87926022

  3. Appointment: Book an appointment by completing the form

  4. Facebook Messenger:

  5. Instagram:

How long in advance should you start looking?

What's the procedure like for gown fitting?

What are the prices like?

We usually recommend our clients to start looking approximately 3 to 6 months before the actual day / photo-shoot. This is to ensure that the piece you are interested in is not already sold out or reserved on your preferred date. There is also no harm in looking early as it takes time to discover what you actually want, go for fittings and to make alterations as necessary.

Contact us via the various methods listed or book an appointment and we will assist you on your appointment day. Provide us with your preferences, your wedding themes and settings and other useful information and we will work with you to find the perfect piece for your big day. We may also require you to come back for follow up fitting sessions once you have confirmed your piece. Collect or have your gown delivered to you the day before your actual day and return them the day after.

Prices vary between pieces depending on the quality and type of wedding gown rented. The indicative starting prices are as follows:

  1. Traditional wedding gowns for brides start from $228.

  2. Wedding packages start from $428.

How long in advance should you purchase the items?

Generally, we advise clients to inform us approximately 3 weeks before the Guo Da Li date so that we can prepare the items in advance. For your ease of reference, we have provided a comprehensive guide of the required items for the Guo Da Li depending on your dialect group. Do check with the elders in your family as the guide provided by us are indicative and we understand that the practice may vary from family to family.

Can you purchase the essential items from our site?

How do you purchase/rent the required items?

The procedure to purchase/rent the items from our website is as follows:

  1. Add the required items into your cart and checkout with your contact details.

  2. Pay via debit/credit card or by manual payment where we will follow up with you in relation to payment via paylah / paynow / bank transfer. 

  3. We will follow up with you on the date and time for pickup/delivery based on your requirements. We will usually require 3 weeks to prepare your items, for urgent orders, do contact us and we will try our best to accommodate your requests!​

  4. Receive the items on the collection / delivery date and time.

How long in advance should you make plans for the photo-shoot?

We advise our customers to contact us at least 6 to 12 months in advance. This is because we take into consideration the different seasons and potential weather conditions when advising you on the best timing to take your pictures. Contacting us in advance will also ensure that you secure your booking for the most popular themes and locations and so that we have ample time to produce your photos and others.

How does your photography and tour package work?

Why not make your pre-wedding photo-shoot more memorable with a holiday? We often have couples requesting for family and friends to join them on their photography trip to their wedding destinations. We can provide full customisation services for your trip (overseas or Singapore) including the required transportation, accommodation, tours, amongst others. Unfortunately, we have halted our overseas photography and tour packages due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we hope to resume this in future.

What does a typical photography package consist of?

We would highlight that the photography packages are customisable so as to suit your requirements. Head over to our photography packages page to find out what a typical photography package will consist of.

For more information and sample pictures, head to our page on Overseas Photography, Singapore Photography or contact us via the methods listed.

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