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kua, kwa, singapore, xiu he fu, chinese wedding dress

A  modern creation that drew inspiration from gowns of the later years of the Qing Dynasty (1910s). It was first made popular by the actress Zhou Xun in her wedding scenes in the Chinese drama “Ju Zi Hong Le” back in 2001 with the name of the gown originating from Zhou Xun’s character Xiu He.

The Xiu He Fu tends to be bolder and less traditional as compared to the Qun Kua.

Xiu He Fu

We provide a wide range of pieces some of which are featured below. To view and try the full range of Xiu He Fu at our showroom, book an appointment with us now.


kua, kwa, singapore, xiu he fu, chinese wedding dress

Ideal Alternative


The Xiu He Fu usually has lesser embroidery and a pleated styled skirt, and is much more comfortable to wear than the Qun Kua. The Xiu He Fu is therefore an ideal alternative gown for gatecrashing and tea ceremonies in humid environments like Singapore.

Gai Tou I 盖头

The Gai Tou is the Chinese equivalent of the Bridal Veil and originated from the Song Dynasty. Back in the day, it was used to conceal the bride's features as only the groom is allowed to see her face. 



The Xiu He Fu’s uniqueness stems from its design which can vary widely from piece to piece as they are not bound by the traditional rules of Chinese gown making. 

Ma Mian Qun I 马面裙


The Xiu He Fu’s skirt, a Ma Mian Qun is more of a pleated skirt which allows for the spreading of the skirt in a circular fashion for a majestic feeling as seen in the picture.

Featured Pieces
View from over 50 unique pieces across a wide range of sizes, up to UK size 18 for brides and 2XL for grooms.


Phoenix I 凤

​This unique piece is unlike most Xiu He Fus as its embroidery designs are hand sewn on.

Imperial I 御

​This beautiful piece uses an array of colours including a stunning navy blue to create a majestic vibe. The unique 'tail' and cloud collar resembles lotus flower petals and  completes the piece.

Ruyi I 如意

Using only conventional colours on glitter fabric, this stunning piece is a fusion between the old and new era.

Rose I 玫瑰

This piece does not conform to the conventional colours and designs of typical Chinese wedding dresses. The beige and gold colours alongside the innovative rose  patches works to create a one of a kind piece.

Spring I 春

​This piece portrays the Chinese Spring with its beautiful blossom and abundance of flower patterns.


Azure I 蔚

The Azure's uniqueness stems from its clever use of the azure colour. Great effort was put into the design of this piece as can be seen from the delicate flower patterns over the lace overlay.

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