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The Qun Kua (裙褂), also known as the Long Feng Kua (龙凤褂), originated from the Ming Dynasty and was commonly worn by ladies of Han ethnicity at important occasions. The Qun refers to the skirt while Kua refers to the jacket.

The “density” of the embellishments on the Qun Kua usually range from 30% to 100%. What this means is that the higher the density, the lesser you can see of the red satin base and consequently the higher the required craftsmanship and resulting quality.

Qun Kua 

The tiers of the Qun Kua can be categorized as follows:

  • King Kua (褂皇) – approx. 100%

  • Queen Kua (褂后) – approx. 90%

  • Da Wu Fu Kua(大五福) – approx. 80%

  • Zhong Wu Fu Kua (中五福) – approx. 70%

  • Xiao Wu Fu Kua (小五福) – approx. 30% to 60%

We provide a wide range of pieces some of which are featured below. To view and try the full range of Qun Kuas at our showroom, book an appointment with us now.




Pay careful attention to the workmanship to distinguish its quality. A good quality hand sewed Qun Kua will have elaborate embellishments and the embroidery will stand out with a 3D effect.

Base Colours

Generally, red satin is used as a base for Qun Kuas alongside embellishments embroidered using gold and silver threads and beads.


Mythical creatures like the dragon and phoenix are commonly embroidered alongside ducks, peonies and pomegranates, amongst others.​

Contemporary Designs

Quns were originally red in colour while Kuas were black but over time and preference for consistency and auspicious colours, the Qun Kuas of the modern day tend to favour the colours of red, gold and silver as opposed to black.

Featured Pieces
View from over 50 unique pieces across
 a wide range of sizes, up to UK size 18 for brides and 2XL for grooms.

King Kua I 褂

Pink Blossom

As worn by Mediacorp actress, Rebecca Lim, on her wedding show "With Love, Becks", this piece unique, only available at Jin Weddings, is of a pink shade which is a departure from the traditional gold coloured King Kuas, giving it a modern and refreshing twist.


King Kua I 褂皇

Royal Gold

This stunning piece is the epitome of the Qun Kua. The gold colour of the Kua is striking, giving it a regal and opulent look and the embroidery work on the gown is intricate and elaborate and showcases exceptional craftsmanship and skill. 

Queen Kua I 褂后

The Queen Kua is a top-tier traditional Chinese wedding gown that is perfect for brides who prefer a subtle touch of red and a refined and elegant look. The embroidery work on the gown is exquisitely detailed, with intricate patterns that are expertly crafted to showcase the beauty and richness of Chinese culture.


Da Wu Fu I 大五福

Select from our range of Da Wu Fu, the perfect outfit for those who would prefer a Qun Kua that exudes a stronger touch of red than the Queen Kua. Embroidery patterns are still aplenty giving it the much famed 3D effect of quality Qun Kuas.

Zhong Wu Fu I 中五福

The Zhong Wu Fu is a traditional Chinese wedding gown that embodies a perfect balance between the bold red base of the Qun Kua and the delicate embroidery work. It is a true masterpiece, embodying the perfect balance between tradition and modernity, and is the perfect choice for brides who want a timeless yet contemporary look on their wedding day.

Xiao Wu Fu I 小五福

The Xiao Wu Fu features the most of the Qun Kuas' red base. It is perfect for brides who prefer a simple yet elegant look, with the classic red base taking the limelight. The embroidery work on the gown is delicate and understated, with simple patterns that complement the bold use of red.

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