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Wedding Outfit Rental Packages

Classic Outfit Package

The Classic Package is priced at S$558 and includes the following items available for 3 days rent:

1. One traditional bridal gown from the classic range

2. One traditional groom's outfit from the classic range

3. Two sets of Accessories (from items 1 to 7)

Premium Outfit Package

The Premium Package is priced at S$698 and includes the following items available for 3 days rent:

1. One traditional bridal gown* from the premium range

2. One traditional groom's outfit from the premium range

3. Four sets of Accessories (from items 1 to 9)

*Add-on: Additional charges from S$150 for ultra premium pieces (e.g. king kua, long tail Chinese gown). Contact us to learn more about our ultra premium pieces.

Ala Carte Gown Prices

1. Prices for ala-carte bridal gown rental starts from S$328

2. Prices for ala-carte groom's outfit rental starts from S$168


1. One pair of traditional bridal shoes for the bride

2. One set of head accessories for the bride

3. One traditional Chinese fan (团扇) of premium design for the bride

4. One traditional Chinese veil (盖头) for the bride

5. One traditional red wedding umbrella

6. One red hydrangea (绣球) for the groom

7. One pair of bangle bracelets for the bride

8. One piece of traditional bridesmaid gown

9. One piece of traditional groomsman gown

Local Photography

Prices for the local photoshoot package starts from S$1,880. A typical $1,880 package will consist of the following:

During Photoshoot

1. 1.5 hours of photoshoot (excluding time for make-up)

2. Photoshoot at 1 location (indoors or outdoors)

3. Full costume for the bride inclusive of:

- 1 traditional Chinese gown from any range

- Premium accessories

4. Full costume for the groom inclusive of:

- 1 traditional Chinese suit from any range

- Premium accessories

5. Makeup and hairstyling for bride and groom

6. Photoshoot props (e.g. bouquet, balloons, red umbrella, Chinese tea set, etc)

7. Team to support photoshoot, consisting of 1 photoshoot director, 1 photographer, 1 makeup artistt

End Products

1. 15 edited photos (softcopy)

2. All unedited photos (softcopy)

Overseas Photography

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we have halted our overseas photography services. We hope to resume this service in the near future.

*P.S. Discounts available if a photography and gown package is signed together. Contact us to find out more.*

Your Own Personalised Wedding Package


Did you see something you need or do not need in one of our wedding packages? Trust us when we say we really understand that you may require personalised packages with the right offerings to suit your needs.

Drop us a message and we will be happy to help you as much as we can!

Please note the following disclaimers in relation to the aforementioned Wedding Outfit Rental Packages and Photoshoot Packages (the “Packages”):

1. All information and prices in relation to the Packages are merely indicative and do not constitute a binding offer.

2. All Package prices are subject to change at our full discretion.

3. We reserve the right to amend/modify/delete/remove the Packages at any time without prior notice to you.

4. All Packages are subject to availability and we do not guarantee the availability of our Packages at any time.

Photoshoot Packages
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