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The Chang Pao Ma Gua (长袍马褂) is the Chinese traditional wedding suit worn by the groom. The Chang Pao refers to the long robe worn as the inner layer while the Ma Gua refers to the outer jacket. The combination is often worn by men for formal occasions back in the day.

We provide a wide range of pieces some of which are featured below. To view our full range of Chang Pao Ma Gua, book an appointment with us.

Ma Gua



Depending on preference, the Chang Pao may be plain without design or can be imprinted with delicate patterns including dragons (龙), auspicious clouds (祥云), the Chinese word Fu (福) and others.



the Chang Pao Ma Gua is normally black, red or gold in colour. Contrasting colours can also be used on the Chang Pao against the Ma Gua.

Featured Pieces
View from over 50 unique pieces across
 a wide range of sizes, up to UK size 18 for brides and 2XL for grooms.


Crimson Elegance I 绯红雅韵

A piece exuding cultural richness and timeless charm. This exquisite piece features a vibrant red color associated with Chinese weddings, crafted from luxurious satin adorned with intricate gold thread embroidery. The front showcases a zi sun dai, symbolizing good fortune. The "Crimson Elegance" is a captivating blend of tradition, opulence, and auspicious symbolism.


Dragon Wave I 龙涛长袍

A mesmerizing traditional Chinese male gown in deep maroon. This striking piece features intricate dragon and wave motifs, symbolizing power, fortune, and prosperity. Crafted with exquisite detail, it comes with a complementary jade pendant accessory for a complete and elegant look. The "Dragon Wave Robe" embodies the essence of Chinese heritage and auspicious symbolism in one captivating garment.

King I 帝

A sophisticated traditional Chinese male gown specially designed for wedding banquets. With its dark base color, this gown exudes formality and elegance, making it the perfect attire for special occasions. The gown features a traditional cut, complemented by buttons that run from the neck to the right side, ensuring the embroidery in the center remains uninterrupted.


Onyx Splendor I 玄石华彩

a traditional Chinese male gown designed to complement red bridal outfits, particularly popular for morning wedding ceremonies, including the fetching of the bride. The top of this gown is black in color, creating a striking contrast and lending an air of sophistication to the ensemble. The intricate embroidery on the gown features a mesmerizing 3D effect, adding depth and visual appeal.


Cloud I 祥云

A traditional Chinese male gown designed for morning sessions and perfectly complements the bride's attire in traditional colors such as gold, silver, and red. This vibrant red piece features elegant and understated embroidery designs, adding a touch of sophistication without overwhelming the overall look. It is an ideal choice for traditional ceremonies, showcasing simplicity and harmony while harmonizing with the bride's ensemble.


Indigo I 靛

A popular traditional Chinese male gown in a stunning indigo color. This exquisite piece is particularly ideal for wedding banquets or morning sessions as it provides a striking contrast to the bride's outfit. It exudes sophistication and captures attention with its deep, rich hue, making a memorable statement at any special occasion.

Imperial I 玺

A magnificent traditional Chinese male gown exuding the grandeur of the Qing dynasty. This full gold piece pays homage to the enduring significance of gold in Chinese culture, symbolizing prosperity and regal splendor. With its imperial vibes and opulent design, the piece captures the essence of a bygone era and is truly a sight to behold.


Azure Opulence I 靛蓝华贵

A traditional Chinese male gown that epitomizes sophistication with its classy blue top and elegant gold bottom. This exquisite piece is perfect for those who appreciate subtle designs and colors. The piece combines the timeless charm of blue and gold, exuding a refined and understated elegance that is sure to captivate.


Radiant Elegance I 辉煌

A captivating traditional Chinese male gown that embodies beauty and grandeur. This exquisite piece features the zi sun dai, a decorative panel symbolizing good fortune. Made from a shimmering and shiny material, it radiates a captivating glow, making it truly outstanding. The "Radiant Elegance" is adorned with the shuang xi (double xi) design, offering a touch of auspiciousness, making it the perfect choice for individuals who prefer a distinguished look without dragon and phoenix motifs.


Harmonious DragonsI 和谐龙融

A captivating traditional Chinese male gown that embodies balance and cultural elegance. The top of this exquisite piece is maroon, offering a rich and refined look, while the black bottom adds a touch of contrast. With its perfectly balanced color scheme, the "Harmonious Dragons" complements the bride's red gowns seamlessly. The gown features the zi sun dai, symbolizing good fortune, and boasts a striking double dragon embroidery in the middle, adding an extra layer of imperial grandeur and symbolism.

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