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The Chang Pao Ma Gua (长袍马褂) is the Chinese traditional wedding suit worn by the groom. The Chang Pao refers to the long robe worn as the inner layer while the Ma Gua refers to the outer jacket. The combination is often worn by men for formal occasions back in the day.

We provide a wide range of pieces some of which are featured below. To view our full range of Chang Pao Ma Gua, book an appointment with us.

Ma Gua



Depending on preference, the Chang Pao may be plain without design or can be imprinted with delicate patterns including dragons (龙), auspicious clouds (祥云), the Chinese word Fu (福) and others.



the Chang Pao Ma Gua is normally black, red or gold in colour. Contrasting colours can also be used on the Chang Pao against the Ma Gua.

Featured Pieces
View from over 50 unique pieces across
 a wide range of sizes, up to UK size 18 for brides and 2XL for grooms.

Cloud I 祥云

This red piece with simple embroidery designs  is usually used during the morning sessions and complements pieces worn by the bride that use traditional colours (i.e. gold, silver and red).


Indigo I 靛

This indigo coloured piece is one of our most popular pieces and is particularly ideal for wedding banquets or morning sessions (provides great contrast to bride's outfit).

King I 帝

The King is particularly suitable for wedding banquets due to its darker base colour which makes it much more formal.

Dragon I 龙

This black piece complements bride outfits that are red in colour and is a popular piece for the morning sessions.


Imperial I 玺

Yellow and gold have deep, enduring significance for the Chinese and have replaced red as the official dynastic colour during the Qing dynasty. This full gold piece mimics the imperial vibes of the dynasty era of China and is a sight to behold.

Crane I 鹤

This piece centers on the crane which in Chinese culture symbolises good fortune and longevity. 

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