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Ma Lai Gua

The Ma Lai Gua is a traditional Chinese wedding outfit that is heavily influenced by Southeast Asia culture. It is often considered as an alternative to the more Chinese styled pieces like the Qun Kua and Xiu He Fu and is popular in Southeast Asian countries.

We provide a wide range of pieces some of which are featured below. To view and try the full range of Ma Lai Gua at our showroom, book an appointment with us now.


Designs & Materials

The Ma Lai Gua often incorporates beads and rhinestone as part of its decorations. The colours and embroidery designs also tend to be more varied and complex to give off a majestic aura.



The Ma Lai Gua's skirt is more of an a-line skirt and its uniqueness stems from the use of a long front flap with beautiful designs. 



A distinct feature of the Ma Lai Gua is the Indian/Malay influence throughout. These designs are commonly found on the sleeves, placket and the skirt (as represented by the golden parts of the featured piece).

Magpie I 鹊


This piece's elegance stems from the elaborate magpie birds and flower embroidery throughout. The clever use of bell sleeves also allows for a more modern look as compared to other pieces.

Bloom I 绽

This particular piece provides for a majestic feel with the ample use of colours and embroidery.

Peony I 牡丹

This piece stands out from the rest as it does not conform to the conventional colours of typical Chinese wedding dresses. The beige and gold colours alongside the embroidery creates a one of a kind piece.

Peacock I 孔雀

This piece boldly uses a wide array of colours and a beautiful bed of flowers and peacock embroidery to create an exquisite piece.