The Premium Betrothal (Guo Da Li) Package includes essential items for all dialects. Items included are as follows:

  • Rental of traditional gift basket (3 days)
  • Rental of red modern gift basket (3 days)
  • 2 pairs of dragon & phoenix candles (4 designs available)
  • 1 pair of wine bags (2 designs available)
  • 1 Pin Jin red packet (8 designs available)
  • Tray (4 designs available) 
  • 2 red packets for Li Ru money and  开车门 money
  • 2 bags of 5 colour auspicious beans in spherical containers
  • 1 double happiness paper cut
  • Non-woven double happiness for food items such as 4 treasure Jin Guo
  • Extra double happiness stickers for oranges and cans
  • 1 red gift bag
  • 1 pair of Hong Cai 红彩 (9ft each)

Note: a refundable deposit of S$40 for the traditional basket will be applied. We will refund the deposit once the basket is returned.

Premium Betrothal (Guo Da Li) Package - All Dialects

  • We offer this premium package with an extensive list of essential non-food items for the Guo Da Li ceremony to help our customers save cost.  You can get the essential food items from the supermarkets at a cheaper rate! We will provide a customised list of food products to buy based on your dialect once your order is confirmed!

    Other add-on items are also available in the online store. Take a look and customise your order and purchase what you need!