The Betrothal (Guo Da Li) Package includes essential items for all dialects for all dialects. Items included are as follows:

  • Rental of traditional gift basket (3 days)
  • Rental of red modern gift basket (3 days)
  • 2 sets of auspicious wedding grains (red dates, dried longans, lily bulbs, lotus seeds, rock sugar, osmanthus Oolong tea)
  • 1 Pin Jin red packet (6 designs available)
  • 1 pair of wine bags (2 designs available)
  • 2 pairs of dragon & phoenix candles (3 designs available)
  • Tray (3 designs available) 
  • 2 red packets for Li Ru money and  开车门 money
  • 2 bags of 5 colour auspicious beans in spherical containers
  • 1 double happiness paper cut
  • 2 sheets of double happiness stickers for oranges and cans
  • 1 red gift bag


Optional add-ons

  • 2 pieces of Hong Cai 红彩 (red banner to hang over the gate)
  • Rental of red table cloth

Note: a refundable deposit of S$40 for the traditional and modern baskets will be required upon collection/delivery of the package. We will refund the deposit once the baskets are returned.

Betrothal (Guo Da Li) Package - All Dialects

  • We offer this premium package with an extensive list of essential  items for the Guo Da Li ceremony to help our customers save cost. You can add on food items (oranges, pig trotter cans, traditional pastries, etc) from the supermarkets and traditional pastry shop at a cheaper rate! We will provide a customised list of food products to buy based on your dialect once your order is confirmed!

    Other add-on items are also available in the online store. Take a look and customise your order and purchase what you need!